Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prepare Yourself.

A lot of pride and love comes along with being a military wife. There is no way you can prepare yourself for the hardships you will face. Since the Army's motto is "Hurry up and wait", the only thing you can really do is just take things how they are and take them a day at a time. I am prepared for next deployment because I have been through one. I KNOW that my husband may have to stay at work a few days or weeks at a time while he should be home. I KNOW the army comes first. I had expectations that some things would happen. Having somebody tell me to my face that my husband and our fellow soldiers are just overseas killing women and children...I did not expect. Maybe if we were still in the middle of Vietnam I could expect that, but not in today's day.
The media doesn't show everything. The media only shows the attacks, the deaths, and the bad things happening. In war people die. Civilian and military. I don't know what Afghanistan or Iraq is first hand, but I live with a man who experienced it. The year he was in Afghanistan, he did not fire his weapon once. (I'm not by any means saying that there is no killing going on because there is.) What most of America DOESN'T know, is that Afghanis and Americans are working TOGETHER to help build a better nation. They DO want us there. Below are some pictures my husband took during his tour. You can be the judge of the pictures if you think that those people hate us. Just the other day an insurgent (sp?) killed a young child because they told the father that if he didn't supply them with a vehicle and weapons, they'd kill his son. We are doing what we can to STOP those evil people and to help those children live better lives so they can grow to be successful and NOT terrorists.
One thing I will always live by now, is if you don't like this great nation we live in, please feel free to live. We are not a communist nation and nobody is making you stay here. Ask yourself what you are contributing to the country. If you can't think of one thing, I feel bad for you.

Talk to a soldier, be in his/her shoes. Thank them. You have the right to your opinion about this war because of them.