The Soldier

This is my husband, Jeff. He is active duty in the United States Army and has been in since 2007. His re-enlistment was supposed to be up in May 2011, but he re-enlisted for another four years. He does something along the lines of communications (satellite,'s all the same to me). I have an entry in my blog about how we met, so just go to my first entry. ;]

In high school, Jeff was active in football. He played all through out high school and still loves catching a game here and there. Us being from Michigan, he is a huuuuge Michigan fan. If you come into our home pro-state, theres no doubt in my mind he'd kick you out. He's just an average all american guy really. He likes to hunt, fish, look at guns (yawn), and make fires.

Jeff has deployed once to Afghanistan and his goal is to reclass (switch jobs) to EOD.