The girl

My name is Amanda. I was born in the tail end of the 80s. I made this blog because I'm too lazy to hand write in a journal, and I think it'd be pretty neat if some of what I have to say helps other people. I almost joined the navy and never thought of dating let alone marry someone in the military. Especially this young.

I grew up with a ginormous family. No joke. Four brothers and one sister, all younger. I miss the siblings like crazy. Home was always so loud. Now home is where the army puts me. Quiet. Sometimes loud I guess with all the artillery going off. I didn't play sports in high school, I wasn't ever good at anything. I excelled in choir and performed in several talent shows.

Jeff and I have one dog together. She is a pure bread Basset Hound named Bella. We don't have any kids yet. I plan on having three or four. Jeff says, "Whatever makes you happy." Right now what makes me happy is my kurig coffee pot, my dog, and husband.