Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 30th, 2010

Well everyone it's official, ELEVEN more days until the long fourteen hour drive down to North Carolina. The apartment complex called me today because they wanted Jeff's email address. I'm so excited, and none of this feels real yet. I go into the basement of my parents house and my storage bins are all packed, and there is no decor to let you know that this is my personal space. It's jsut weird to think that in just one week I'm going to be hundreds of miles away from the only thing I've ever known. What if things between Jeff and I are only great temporarily? It's great to look at the future, but shouldn't I focus more on present time and what's right in front of me? I'm scared. I just wish I was down there already. I feel like These "final" days are a giant test and a tease...

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  1. Dont worry about if things work out with you guys or not. If you start to think like that then you will be too caught up with those thoughts it will consume you. Enjoy the time you have with him and things will go great. Just remember that after deployments, it does take time for them to adjust being home. I have been through 7 deployments already. You guys will do great together. Also you will like North Carolina. I enjoy it and I'm from Ohio.