Thursday, March 24, 2011

Online Dating

Being an army wife or even army girlfriend, you meet a LOT of friends. Granted, you never really MEET with them, but you don't have to. Social Networking sites such as facebook have done amazing things. If you're still back home when you're soldier is deployed or you're not around anyone that understands how military life is, you resort to what I like to call online dating. This is the only time where its actually OK to meet up with a stranger you met online.

Before I moved to Fort Bragg, I told Jeff I didnt want to drive the 14 hours by myself. So he flew up a girl I had met off facebook from Fort Bragg. Ok, so I know you're thinking, "What the hell was she thinking?", but hear me out....If you are military YOU UNDERSTAND. I'm going to refer to this girl as Sweden. So i picked Sweden up from the airport, to my surprise it wasn't awkward. We talked like we knew each other. We clicked in a way you click with friends you met in high school. After we got to my house, my brothers bombarded me with random questions. My brother Zach takes one look at Sweden and goes, "Wait, so like you guys met on facebook?" I answer back, "Yep." "Aren't you worried she's like going to cut your throat in your sleep?" Ohhhh brother. I couldn't help but to laugh.

Jeff and I went home in October for our wedding and he had his block leave. While we were there, I would of course check my facebook, and another wife had added me. I will refer to her as Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan got married a week before Jeff and I did. She was on her way to Bragg when we started talking. We exchanged number and texted quite frequently. I didn't think our relationship would go anywhere. After Jeff and I got back to Bragg, we had a little bank from the wedding so we bought some stuff for the apartment. We had a bought a futon from Target that we got for really cheap, but we couldn't fit it into Jeff's G6. Go figure. After remembering Michael Jordan just moved down there and still had the moving truck, I texted her and asked if her and her husband would be willing to meet up with us and help us with the futon. They did. We've been friends ever since. A couple days ago Michael Jordan just told me that before they had met up with us at Target that her husband had asked her, "You guys met on facebook? That's weird, aren't you worried it's some perv?" Apparently even soldiers themselves don't get it.

With all this being said, it is completely normal to meet random wives online. Share your stories, get advice. Live, Learn, Love.


  1. I met one of my best friends here at Stewart through someone I knew online for years. Her friend was coming to Stewart and she was a new wife. My friend Aimee knew I was here and I have been an army wife almost 9yrs now and she wanted me to help her in anyway I could. So I stalked her down on the day she was moving into post housing and we have been besties ever since. We just clicked and I love her a like a sister... our kids are siblings and love each other. They are moving soon and I am really gonna be devastated when they go, but I will always have facebook to stay connected =)

  2. That's good! One of the first girls I met at Bragg just moved to Germany. She was the first person I knew to PCS out of here. I cried. Lol. But I guess thats something we all have to get used to now. It sucks. I hope you and your best friend stay connected!!

  3. This is so very true Amanda, :)