Monday, April 25, 2011

First holiday away from "Home."

Easter 2011 was my first holiday away from everything I've known. Growing up, my siblings and I would wake each other up at the crack of dawn just to find our easter baskets. Mom was always great with holidays. It was always too cold for her to hide the eggs, so she would make do with the plastic eggs hidden around the house. After we would go through our baskets, we would get dressed in our best and go to church. Then around noon we would head to my grandma's house and spend Easter with the rest of our ginormous family.

This year since it was just myself, Jeff, and the dog, I had bought a couple baskets and some little gadgets from the dollar tree. I had to play bunny this year. I hid Bella's basket and let her find it. It was so cute. Jeff and I got ready for the day and went to church. It was a beautiful service. Afterwords we got some lunch at Golden Corral (I had never been), it was amazing! We also decided to go for a drive. So we took the dog and went to a couple lakes on post. It was a beautiful day and it was just filled with love, even though it was only the three of us. When we got home, our neighbors came over and we all watched "Passion of the Christ." I had seen the movie before but I was a child and I never really understood. After watching it again, I feel like I found the true meaning of Easter.

Life is beautiful. Life is short. Jesus died for my sins, and yours, whether you believe or not..


  1. HI! I was the girl talking to you about your blog on Bragg Wives & I love yours:)
    I noticed that our hubbys do the same thing in the Army, satellite, signal stuff..? cool!
    anyways, love your blog!!

  2. Oh awesome!! Thank you so much!! Send me a message on fb. What unit is your hubby in?