Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011.

Hardiness , valor,strength, and bravery, peace and honesty, Vigilance, Perserverance, Justice, truth, and loyalty. What do those those words represent? If you're completely puzzled or you think you have an idea, they represent the colors of the American Flag. Good Ole Red, White, and Blue.

Growing up, I've always been patriotic. Being an Army Wife I feel even more empowered to express the way I feel about our country. Yesterday, Jeff and I went downtown to the Special Operations museum where they had 700 flags put out to represent some people in the service. The ground leading up to the museum had engravings of servicemen who had died protecting our flag, our country, us. One of these engravings in particular hit something deep down that filled me with emotion. I just wanted to break down and cry. I don't remember what his name was...but he had died in a Black Hawk crash in 1993 in Somalia. When we came home later that day we popped in the movie "Black Hawk Down." Seeing an actual memorial for this brave man and watching the movie to see what he went through was devastating. War in general is always devastating. Being stuck home on the sidelines when something is going on, we try not to think about how horrible our husbands, our brothers, or even our sisters go through or witness. I know it's nothing compared to the "real" thing but it really made me think. It also made me appreciate our troops even more. Back home there would always be parades and festivities going on to celebrate these men and women. Back home there is no active military base or "military towns". People show their appreciation however they can but it's completely different than being in a military town. In the museum a good majority of the volunteers were veterans. The Vet that I had spoken to, I shook the man's hand and told him "Thank you". I try to thank veterans when I can, I do it because I mean it. After yesterday, I think the Veteran had know I meant it because a whole lot of emotions came with it. After you thank a Vet, the expression you see on their face is always timeless. The world stops and you can feel the joy that they feel.

When Jeff was deployed, my mom had put a single candle in the window so that he could find his way home safely. I ask all of you to please do this until tuesday morning so that all of our soldiers still deployed find their ways home safely. I also ask you to do this for all the brave men and women who have fallen. They gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Please remember the true meaning of Memorial Day and show your patriotism by thanking a veteran.
God Bless the USA.

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